All of GWC’s work is built on three core values: Love, excellence, and integrity.  

Every nonprofit has a vision, a mission, and a set of values guiding its work. Our vision is that all people have access to safely managed water. Our mission is how we are making that vision a reality. But our values really set us apart.  

They are our heart and soul. They are behind everything we do. They define how we live, how we make decisions, and how we treat each other. 

Choosing these three values wasn’t an easy task for our founder, Dr. George Greene III. Originally, he had eight core values, but a leadership expert warned him that no one would remember that long list.  

Dr. Greene didn’t want the values to be forgotten or ignored, so he narrowed them down to three simple words: Love, excellence, and integrity. 

The simplicity of our values not only makes them easy to remember but also encourages people to personalize them. Each person on the GWC team can define what those three words mean to them and then decide how they will live them out.  

In the following newsletters, we will hear what each of our values mean to Dr. Greene. His powerful reflections will continue to shape our work into the future.