How We Work

Our Approach

Is it even possible to reach the 1.3 billion people who need safe water?

Yes. Everyone, everywhere can have safe water every day.



We are solving the global water crisis with collaboration, innovation, and education.


Our goal is to unite the rural water sector for the greater good. Through partnerships with nonprofits, governments, and other entities, we provide the critical standardization and professionalization our sector needs.

Everything we do is built on relationships. We strive to connect with partners and support other organizations every step of the way. 


We make the most effective technology accessible in the rural water sector. This enables organizations to easily see how water sources are performing, allowing them to address problems immediately. 

Our current focus is a monitoring and data management platform that sends alerts when systems are not working properly, reduces data management time by 50%, and automates reporting to funders. 



There is a vast shortage of skilled water professionals in rural areas. By developing world-class virtual, classroom, and field-based training programs, we are making expert education more accessible.

This creates a pipeline of skilled workers to design, install, and maintain safe water sources in their own communities.  

The global water crisis is solvable, but we can’t do it alone.

Be part of the solution and join the safe water movement today!

Where We Work

While our online training has reached people in 131 countries, we have also worked in Ghana, India, Tanzania, Uganda, the Central African Republic, and Côte d’Ivoire with upcoming projects in Fiji, Mongolia, and Honduras.  But we won’t stop there.

We are determined to reach every rural community that doesn’t have access to safe water