Our Story

How It All Started

In 2020, Dr. George and Molly Greene founded Global Water Center (GWC) as the go-to resource for the rural water sector. 

After two decades of bringing safe water to developing countries with Water Mission, George and Molly knew that many rural water sources were unreliable and unsustainable. Something had to change.

      • Without following international standards, the water sources broke down easily.  
      • Without rural water technicians, there was no one to fix the broken water sources. 
      • Without safe water, rural communities continued to suffer from waterborne diseases. 

Where We Are Now

Through GWC’s three-pronged approach of collaboration, innovation, and education, we are solving the global water crisis by making all water projects sustainable. 

Today, our safe water training resources have reached people in 131 countries. In addition to education, we use innovative technology to make water projects more effective and manageable. All our work is built on the foundation of collaboration, and we have partnered with UNICEF, CAWST, Water Mission, many other non-profits, and multiple governments.  

Together, we are solving the global water crisis for good.