Our lives are stories of influence. Everyone influences someone. Sociologists report that even the most introverted individual will influence thousands of people during his or her lifetime.

As I make this transition from COO to CEO* of Global Water Center (GWC), I’ve been reflecting on the power of influence. For nearly 3 years, I have worked under the influence of GWC’s CEO and founder, Dr. George Greene III.

Dr. Greene has started two non-profits that have collectively served more than 8 million people in over 60 countries. He often talks about the 2,200+ people who die from waterborne diseases every day. That is not just a statistic to him. Dr. Greene feels the burden of their suffering, and it motivates him to keep using his influence to help others.

Working with Dr. Greene has shown me how one person can stand against a great injustice. One person can be the voice of truth. One person’s influence can drive a movement of change to bring safe water to everyone, everywhere.

As Dr. Greene transitions to the leadership role of Executive Chair of our Board of Directors, I am honored to step into the role of CEO of Global Water Center. GWC has an amazing leadership team, and together with them, we will press on in our mission to end global water poverty. In the months ahead, I will highlight the projects and global partnerships we are engaged in.

I hope you will join me.

Sincerely, TJ

Thomas Johnston, CEO