Global Water Center (GWC) has partnered with Safe Water Network on comprehensive training programs in both Ghana and India. Safe Water Network has worked in these countries for over 15 years, empowering communities to own and operate safe water systems. 

Ghana: Water Quality Management Training Project 

Safe Water Network, GWC, and CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology) worked together to provide a best-in-class training program for the Community Water and Sanitation Agency in Ghana. This program aims to enhance the water quality management skills of rural water professionals throughout the country. The initial rollout included representatives from across the country and included a blend of classroom and field training to broaden its reach.  

India: Solar Powered Water Systems Training 

In India, Safe Water Network is collaborating with GWC to train the Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Department of Karnataka on solar powered water systems (SPWS). This initiative includes the development of two SPWS demonstration sites. Safe Water Network tailored the training content to local needs and continues to support the project by coordinating with the department, engaging participants, and overseeing the demonstration sites’ progress. 

Program Metrics for India: 

  • Number of master trainers trained: 20  
  • Total trainees: 400-500  
  • Program duration: July 2023- 2025 

Safe Water Network’s comprehensive training programs in both Ghana and India exemplify their commitment to enhancing water management skills and ensuring sustainable access to safe water for underserved communities. GWC is grateful for their partnership.