Equipping leaders to

solve the global water crisis together

There’s no way around it: Everyone, everywhere needs safe water—every day. Yet, 1.3 billion people in rural areas lack access to safely managed water. Twenty-five percent need new water service, while a whopping 75% need better service.

Why aren’t more rural sources safe? In many cases, the service needs go unheard. Without real-time data tracking on projects, it can take months for supporting organizations to know an issue exists. Then, even when a need is identified, there is a drastic shortage of skilled water professionals in rural areas (750,000+) to address it. That’s why…

At Global Water Center, we are bringing the rural water sector together with innovative technology & professional water education.

Let’s break that down.

We are bringing the rural water sector together...

No organization can solve the global water crisis alone.

Our goal is to unite the rural water sector for the greater good. Through partnerships with nonprofits, governments, and other entities, we are the go-to resource providing the critical standardization and professionalism our sector needs.

with innovative technology...

Tracking the real-time use and safety of rural water sources is a widespread challenge.

We invest in solutions that make the most effective technology accessible in the rural water sector. With it, organizations can see how water sources are performing with a tap of finger, allowing them to address problems with incredible urgency.

... and professional water education.

The 2021 UN Water Summary Progress Update states that a lack of technical capacity and human resources is slowing down the progress toward safe water for all.

We are filling that gap by developing world-class virtual, classroom, and field-based training programs that make expert education more accessible. This creates a pipeline of skilled workers to design, install, and maintain safe water sources in their own communities.

We need your help.


The progress is encouraging,

and the excitement is contagious.

Since opening in 2020, we have partnered with many organizations to ignite a movement that’s impacting millions of lives.

3-year water

education program

Together with our partners, we launched the first accredited water education program in Ghana. We plan to roll out similar programs across Africa.


million people

We partnered with the government of Karnataka, India to train hundreds of engineers as part of their goal to bring safe water to all 60+ million people in the state.



People from 131 countries have used our online training resources, and more than 1,200 people are on the waitlist for our ​Solar Powered Water Systems training.

We are honored to partner with & be endorsed by…

This is a problem we can fix.

Safe water is the foundation for human flourishing. It does more than quench our thirst; it makes a way for health, education, business, and the ability to thrive. Yet, 1 in 4 people lack reliable access to it.

There are a lot of problems in this world, but the global water crisis is one we can actually solve. Let’s go after it with all we have.