We cannot solve the global water crisis alone. That is why our work is built on the power of collaboration.

There are many organizations focused on providing safe water around the world. Imagine how much more effective they would be if they all worked together.

Recently, GWC led a Solar Powered Water Systems training in Karnataka, India, where we saw the power of collaboration in action. This project would not have been possible without our partnerships with Safe Water Network, Water Mission, Royal Eijkelkamp, TEM Company, and Grundfos India.

Together, we trained 18 government workers who will go on to deliver online training in solar powered water systems to over 300 of their colleagues.

The above photo shows Lisa and Kogi from the Global Water Center working alongside Wilson and Pradeep from Safe Water Network. This collaboration is even more powerful because these individuals come from 3 different countries: Canada, Kenya, and India. We also had other partners that joined us from Denmark, the Netherlands, and Dubai.

When people from different organizations reach across different countries, they multiply their efforts and make a greater impact on the world. This is what the Global Water Center is all about: Partnering with people around the world to bring safe water to everyone, everywhere.

Thank you to our partners. We look forward to collaborating with you again.

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