According to UNICEF, 76% of households in Ghana are at risk of drinking contaminated water. But Global Water Center’s innovative water education program at St. Paul’s Technical Institute in eastern Ghana is poised to change that.

We last updated you on our safe water training program in September 2023. Since then, this project has taken a huge leap forward. As of the end of October, the curricula for this program was officially accredited by the Ghanaian government. Now graduates can proudly claim that they earned a National Certificate in Water Technology.

“We are thrilled to have a nationally accredited water education,” said Benjamin Filskov, GWC’s Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and Collective Impact. “We look forward to collaborating with St. Paul’s Technical Institute to support them in implementing high-quality technical and vocational training programs for Ghanaian youth.”

This accreditation has wide-reaching implications. On a personal level, it will make graduates more competitive in the job market. On a countrywide level, it will open doors for more schools to use the curriculum.

On a global level, we believe that Ghana will be the first of many African countries to approve this program, bringing safe water to millions of people.

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