Resource Center

We believe that ending the water crisis demands a collaborative, global response. The Resource Center is a catalytic platform that convenes, equips, and scales the impact of organizations intent on eradicating water poverty.  Through collective action, practical support, and real-time and responsive monitoring, we aim to drive accountability and adherence to standards.  Together, we can bring the number of people lacking access to safe and reliable water from 2,200,000,000 to 0.

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Our Services

Supporting Services

The Global Water Center’s® Supporting Services provide access to the expertise of safe water organizations, corporate partners, and governmental agencies around the world that help set the standards for best-in-class design, implementation, and sustainability in safe water projects.

Training Services

The Global Water Center’s® Training Services build essential technical competence and professionalism for establishing, maintaining, and scaling universal access to safe and affordable drinking water. We aim to enhance the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of our partners through interactive virtual, classroom, and field-based learning.

Equipping Services

The Global Water Center’s® Equipping Services will feature a world-class e-commerce platform that facilitates large-scale equipping of safe water implementers with related advice and counsel that serves to scale impact.

Coming Soon.

Our Advantage

Collective Action

We engage in action-oriented, synergistic collaboration.


We take a customer-centered approach to partnerships.

Global Presence

Our services are not restricted to a specific geo-political area.

Results Driven

The impact of our services is experienced by end-users.

Innovative Model

We utilize novel revenue streams to fund collaborative initiatives.


We leverage strong public and private sector relationships.