Discover Our World of Water 

Take your journey through a multi-sensory exhibit featuring interactive experiences that bring water to life and reveal solutions to the global water crisis.

Water Is Life

The first exhibit, Water Is Life, highlights the three states of water – liquid, gas, and solid – and explores the uniqueness of water on Earth through powerful visuals, like this projection globe. You’ll learn why water is essential to life, and how access to safe water helps humans thrive and experience well-being.

Water And People

The Water and People exhibit reveals almost every aspect of life that is impacted by water. This explores the advantages and opportunities of reliable access to abundant safe water, and the challenges and obstacles people face throughout the world when facing water scarcity or unsafe water. Test your safe water knowledge in our Water Challenge game and other interactive experiences featured in this exhibit as well.

Safe Water for Everyone

Water for Everyone uses augmented reality to give you an in-depth look at how the best technology and plans work together to deliver safe water to people who don’t have access. You’ll even get the chance to hear stories from around the world about community members who have gone from poverty to well-being because of access to safe water. This exhibit will ultimately lead you to understand how you can also help bring safe water to the 2.2 billion people in need.

Dive Deeper with Outdoor Activities

Continue your journey at our outside water activity pavilions. Through hands-on learning, you’ll be able to better understand things like water testing, solar-powered systems, and water treatment. For both kids and adults, these activity pavilions truly make learning about the world of water fun!

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