The vision of the Mobile Discovery Center is becoming a reality. After months of ideating, planning, and designing with our industryleading partners, we have officially moved into production for the Mobile Discovery Center.

These exhibits, hosted within custom-fitted tractor trailers, are multi-sensory experiences that bring all aspects of water to life through a cohesive narrative:

  • Water is Life: Highlighting the beauty, ubiquity, and uniqueness of water on Earth
  • Water and People: Highlighting how we use water in virtually every aspect of life, and why water poverty exists
  • Safe Water for Everyone: Allowing visitors to experience the complete process involved in providing safe water to communities throughout the world, and inviting them to join the movement to see 2.2 billion go to zero

Trailer 1 – Water is Life

Visitors can virtually experience the three states of water – liquid, gas, and solid – and understand the science of water and our world. They’ll be transported by the beauty of water on Earth and learn why water exists here and about the unique properties that make all life possible. Additionally, they’ll learn how the water cycle works and how the distribution of water on Earth is impacted by extreme weather conditions and a growing population.

Trailer 2 – Water & People

Visitors will see that almost every aspect of life is impacted by water, and how much water is used for everyday living. They’ll learn through tactical experiences concerning water pumps, solar energy, state-of-the-art monitoring systems, and other aspects of water in our world, as well as the differences between clear, clean, and safe water. Visitors truly walk in the shoes of people who lives are consumed by the need for safe water.

Trailer #3 – Safe Water for Everyone

Visitors view augmented content to visualize how the best technology and plans work to deliver safe water to the highest standards. They’ll hear stories from around the world about how community members are integrally involved in the development, installation, use, and maintenance of safe water systems. Ultimately, they’ll understand how to be part of the movement to help people go from water poverty to well-being.

Water Activity Pavilions

Outside are the water activity pavilions. These interactive experiences are for both kids and adults to see how certain components work – such as water testing, solar powered systems, and water treatment – and are as fun as they are educational.

The Purpose & The Experience

The ultimate goal of the Mobile Discovery Center is to generate awareness around the global water crisis, to change hearts and minds and create a movement of millions of individuals who become advocates and supporters of the cause. We believe these experiences will help accomplish that.

The Mobile Discovery Center stories are told through a mix of visual mediums, including augmented reality, and will be interactive experiences. Each visitor receives a RIFD device upon entering, which allows them to receive customized content within each trailer exhibit, to personalize their experience. The official rollout of the Mobile Discovery Center will be in Q1 2021, and will make twenty stops throughout North America each year.