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The global water crisis cannot be addressed without scaling competency to establish and maintain universal access to safe and affordable drinking water. Yet, there is a lack of practical standards-based training opportunities for water professionals.

Building on its popular solar pumping overview and design courses, which have impacted more than 50 countries in the past year, the Global Water Center is collaborating with industry leaders to establish best-in-class virtual, classroom, and field-based learning, mentoring, and credentialing programs to address this gap.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Response

 Many water projects fail to reach their full capabilities or fail altogether. Remote monitoring is essential in making safe water a reality for everyone because it ensures sustainable systems by providing critical data to implementers and governments. The Global Water Center (GWC) is developing a cloud-based, sensor agnostic technology that serves safe water system implementers to provide real-time, automated data and support sustainability.


The international WASH sector is marked by significant technical variance in its implementors. This variance produces inconsistency in the quality and sustainability of water schemes. As a result, the Global Water Center (GWC) is pursuing the opportunity to develop and disseminate technical standards and best practices. Through collaboration with subject matter experts across the sector, the GWC is offering design drawings, SOPs, and training to water implementers.

The purpose? To deliver safe and reliable water to those living in water poverty.

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Our Current Projects

Safe Water Enterprise Training in Ghana

There is great potential for locally-owned water enterprises to provide safe drinking water to millions of Ghanaians and stimulate economic growth on a local level. The Global Water Center (GWC) is collaborating with the government of Ghana and industry leaders to develop a nationally certified safe water enterprise curriculum. This four-part certified training program will be delivered through 186 vocational training centers to thousands of aspiring technicians and water entrepreneurs. As individuals attain the GWC’s governmentally-recognized certification, they are equipped with practical knowledge and skills that are standards-based to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable drinking water services.

Water Quality Management Training in Ghana

Over 7.2 million Ghanaians – more than half of the rural population – are trapped in water poverty. Ghana’s national rural water agency (Community Water and Sanitation, CWSA) is addressing this issue, but its field staff lacks critical water quality monitoring and management skills.

The Global Water Center is collaborating with industry leaders by designing and developing a training program that will equip this agency now and into the future to respond to these critical water quality issues by expanding CWSA’s capacity to deliver safe and reliable water to millions of people.

Training Courses 

A virtual learning experience for rural water professionals and partners to analyze rural water services, evaluate the opportunities & risks, and promote SPWS as a means of improving the sustainability and equity of water supply programs.

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