The Challenge

2.2 Billion People

Today, one-third of the world’s population lack access to clean, safe water. Four billion people lack access to adequate sanitation, which isn’t just an inconvenience… it’s life-threatening. Every 40 seconds a person dies from a preventable waterborne illness.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Many organizations around the world are working hard to end this urgent crisis, but it’s too big to tackle alone. People continue to die.

Individual efforts are simply not enough, and we’re facing additional obstacles:

  • Inconsistent standards make it more difficult to achieve effective and large-scale solutions
  • Little collaboration among organizations, corporations, and governments
  • Absence of a global strategy designed to reach 2.2 billion people with safe water
  • Lack of sustainable systems and a commitment to monitoring, and accountability
  • Low awareness of the urgency of this crisis in developed countries

The Solution

We have a big vision. We believe change is possible and have created the Global Water Center to answer this call.

The Global Water Center is the platform to foster collaboration, create consensus, and share resources. We’re bringing together the best minds, practices, standards, and innovations to equip everyone to make a difference. We are an alliance of organizations and individuals that refuse to give up, give in, or surrender until safe water is available to everyone.

This problem demands a collaborative, global response that motivates a movement of millions of people, working together to eliminate this tragic problem.

We believe this global crisis can be solved and resources exist to make it happen. But to truly make an impact we need to work together and have a plan. This includes:


Working together amplifies everyone’s efforts. Be part of an alliance determined to make a difference by bringing safe water to those in greatest need.

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Whether you’re a safe water implementer, corporate partner, government agency, non-governmental organization (NGO), or an individual who wants to make a difference, there’s a place for you.

Best Practices, Innovation, & Standards

Creating sustainable systems and structures that benefit everyone

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We’re working with leading NGOs, strategic partners, universities, government agencies, and policy makers to fuel innovation and establish best-in-class standards, systems, processes, and practices that are scalable and measurable.

Equipping, Training, & Support

Sharing solutions multiplies our impact

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We take an open-hands approach to collaboration and sharing what works with others by offering best-in-class training, equipping, and support services to others working to end this crisis.

This includes the development of regional Centers for Excellence designed specifically to assist other implementers around the world. Plans are in place to establish the first Center in Africa.

Awareness & Education

Changing hearts and minds to engage people in the global water crisis, to inspire a movement of millions of individuals to end this crisis.

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By helping others understand the urgency of this enormous problem with experiential learning through the Discovery Center, we’re innovating new ways to educate and equip the general public to become advocates and members of our mission.

We enable individuals to experience the world of water and the global water crisis through:

  • Interactive experiences at the Discovery Center
  • Mobile discovery experiences
  • Virtual reality modules

Dimensions of the Global Water Center

Our Approach

The Global Water Center’s vision is to rapidly scale the world’s efforts to bring safe water to the 2,200,000,000 people in need.

The Global Water Center will serve thousands of groups and individuals implementing projects around the world to end the global water crisis through five strategic objectives:

  1. Developing a global network of organizations, individuals, and government agencies engaged in safe water projects around the world
  2. Increasing the number of organizations implementing safe water solutions from the hundreds to thousands
  3. Creating consensus around standards, best practices, and monitoring to ensure solutions are sustainable and effective
  4. Equipping organizations with best-in-class systems, processes, procedures, and technologies required to implement sustainable safe water projects
  5. Raising awareness with the general public about the urgency of the need through an interactive, state-of-the-art Discovery Center

Origins of Global Water Center

As you discover the world of water you will also discover how you can be a part of ending water poverty and helping people flourish. We invite you to join the movement to reach 2,200,000,000 with safe water.

An Invitation to Change the World

As you discover the world of water you will also discover how you can be a part of ending water poverty and helping people flourish. We invite you to join the movement to reach 2,200,000,000 with safe water.