This exhibit provides a hands-on understanding of all the factors that go into getting safe water to people. A wall-size video board tracks the places of water poverty, along with who is doing what, and where, to solve the problem. Through hands-on models of pumps people learn how we move water from its source to treatment facilities, and then on to people. Learn of the need for power and how solar power is revolutionizing the safe water treatment process. Watch real-time monitoring of safe water projects from around the world.

Safe Water for Everyone, Everywhere

This exhibit takes people through a virtual reality experience of floods, droughts, rivers, oceans, how water is contaminated, the hardships of water poverty, and how water is treated. Learn the difference between improved and safe water.

Water Issues Around the World

Aside from its life-giving impact, it’s hard to imagine all the ways water is used and affects our everyday lives. This exhibit takes people behind the scenes to see how water is used in health services, food, recreation, and more.

The Many Ways Water Is Used in the Modern World

Water is the source of life on the earth. In this exhibit, people will discover water’s impact on plants, animals, and humans.

Water and Life

The Discovery Center’s hands-on models illustrate the science of water. Arrange different elements until you’ve put two hydrogen atoms together at the precise 104.5° angle with an oxygen atom and, whala, water is formed. Being the only molecule on earth that naturally exists in three states – liquid, gas, and solid, explore the mystery of this life-giving, powerful resource.

The Science of Water

This interactive exhibit reveals the miraculous wonders of our solar system and how it all works together to allow water to exist. Quite simply, without water there is no life. In this exhibit, discover how the sun’s size and distance from earth, along with the angle of the earth to the sun, a precise 23.5° rotational plane, affects the earth’s polar ice caps. Here, you can simulate changes in climate or the universe’s marvelous characteristics to see how it affects our water supply. Learn about the “water cycle” as water cycles from the atmosphere, to rain and surface water, to groundwater, and back again into the atmosphere.

Our Water World