Mobile Discovery Center 

COVID-19 Safety Protocols 

Last Updated: March 8, 2021


The Global Water Center (GWC) is launching the Mobile Discovery Center in April 2021, as an interactive learning experience to educate and inspire the general public to join the movement to end the global water crisis.  The exhibit which is housed principally in three expandable 53’ trailers, an immersive dome theatre, and a series of outdoor water pavilions, has been designed to mitigate exposure to and the spreading of the COVID-19 virus while offering families and the general public a much-needed opportunity for learning, fun, and mission.   


The following features of the Mobile Discovery Center are designed to mitigate the exposure to the virus and to minimize spreading. 

COVID-19 Trailer Enhancements 

  • The air conditioning ductwork in all three exhibit trailers has been equipped with Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 14 filters which are standard hospital use filters.   
  • Additionally, the air conditioning ductwork in all three exhibit trailers has been equipped with a UV light system to kill airborne COVID-19 particles.   
  • The return air vents in all three exhibit trailers have been redesigned to draw air out of the trailers near the floor, creating a continuous flow of air away from people’s faces.  

Touch-free Interactive Exhibits 

  • Each visitor to the Mobile Discovery Center is offered an RFID bracelet that allows them to interact, tag, and curate exhibit content for personal viewing after their visit to the Mobile Discovery Center.  Throughout the visitor’s experience, they can interact with many of the exhibits by positioning the RFID bracelet near an exhibit reader.  This reduces the number of actual human touches to the exhibits.  

Sanitation, Face Covering, and Social Distancing 

  • At the entrance and exits, as well as stationed throughout the exhibits, visitors have access to hand sanitation devices.  All visitors are required to use hand sanitation before entering each exhibit trailer and the immersive theater.   
  • All Mobile Discovery Center visitors are required to wear face coverings that cover the nose and mouth.
  • Visitors will maintain appropriate social distancing as they experience exhibits in the trailers and the immersive theater.