Our Mission, Vision, and Approach

We have a big vision, to turn the number of people lacking access to safe water from 2 billion to zero, but we cannot do this alone.

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The Global Water Center’s mission is to catalyze and sustain a collaborative initiative to eradicate water poverty. We are committed to unifying and equipping local partners to transform their communities through four essential initiatives: applying internationally recognized standards, offering learning and technical services, supporting sustainable operations, and rapidly onboarding new water providers (learn more about our initiatives).

How We Define 2 Billion


Today, over 2 billion people do not have safely managed drinking water, and 4.4 billion lack access to adequate sanitation.

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How We Define Safe Water


The Global Water Center® defines safe water as water that has been tested and treated. The global water crisis claims over 800,000 lives a year – 2,300 lives every day. We are on a mission to change that.

Our Leadership

The heart of our leadership is to maintain a spirit of openness and collaboration. Meet our leadership team and board members committed to ending the global water crisis.

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Through supporting training and equipping services, our initiatives build consensus on standards and provide global monitoring for safe water projects around the world.

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